Anthems for Queer Youth

for soprano, piano and video projection (c.60')

What does it mean to be queer in 2018? How have societal perceptions of queerness changed throughout history, how have and how have these changes affected art made by queer folk throughout history? Is there still the need for queer art? Does queerness have aesthetic value in and of itself? What does the future hold for the queer youth of today?

Over the course an hour, this piece explores these questions, weaving together a new large-scale vocal piece by Robert Reid Allan with older music by queer composers and writers and a specially-devised performance from Glasgow-based performance art collective Savage Parade, together tracing the history of the development of queer identities and pointing the way to a better future for queer kids to come.

Created and performed with Patricia Auchterlonie (soprano), Gareth Mattey (director), Alex Tay (projections) and Savage Parade.